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Sound Life Connections Inc. was founded as a Non Profit organization in 2023.

Sound Life Connections Inc. was founded by Tara Beatty and Keri Climie. Tara is a special education teacher and Keri is a speech and language pathologist. This dynamic pair began working together over 15 years ago at Guilford Lakes Elementary School. They instantly found a seamless collaboration in their work with students. They were both instrumental in founding the Bright Connections program within the Guilford school district. They continued the program with a handful of their original students through the grades, paving a path to keep students in the Guilford public school system learning alongside their peers.

By combining their areas of expertise, Tara and Keri are able to teach the essential skills for students to be fully engaged. They are team builders and work closely with students, staff and parents to create the most effective programs for each individual. Sound Life Connections Inc. is founded out of their passion for teaching social, communication, vocational and essential life skills. They want each individual at Sound Life to feel valued and connected.



Sound Life Connections Inc. mission is to create an inclusive community in which people with disabilities feel welcomed and valued through employment and social opportunities.


Sound Life Connections will provide employment and social training for young adults with disabilities so they can be employed competitively and participate in all aspects of their community.

Through an inclusive business model, Sound Life Connections will operate, train and employ adults with intellectual disabilities, autism and other developmental disabilities. Our mission is to expand awareness of and reduce the 80% unemployment rate of individuals with developmental disabilities. We will create a space that fosters acceptance and awareness of people with disabilities in our community.


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Train and employ adolescents and adults with disabilities in a safe and compassionate and inclusive environment


Offer a welcoming and inclusive community gathering place


Provide individuals with experience in a variety of work related skills

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Host social events and social skills training opportunities

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Operate a self-sustaining “shop” in which profits are used to support the mission of Sound Life Connections Inc


Provide individual services to adolescents and young adults to improve communication, community and vocational skills

Provide supports to families in the community as they navigate the transition into adulthood


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